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Techie Trends

Functional Medicine Approach to Treating Sickness

People struggling with are likely to experience symptoms ranging from chronic exhaustion and persistent low blood sugar symptoms to poor immunity, or even insomnia. This condition is connected with the poor function of the adrenal gland referred to as adrenal fatigue. Here in Las Vegas, RedRiver Health and Wellness Center noted that

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Man with smart watch
Techie Trends

Do You Really Need a Smart Watch?

Technology is always evolving. As the years go by, many companies introduce the next big thing in technology. About half a decade ago, smart watches started coming out, manufactured by different companies from Apple to Sony to Samsung and many more. The devices cater to various needs including but not

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Woman using earphone bluetooth
Techie Trends

Bluetooth Trackers and Why You Need Them

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve misplaced things.  Remote controls, smartphones, wallets, and even car keys. No matter how hard we try to not forget about them, when something calls our attention we forget about the things we brought with us and forget where we set them upon

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