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Team working on business website
Techie Trends

3 Tips to Consider When Planning to Acquire a Website for Your Business

With the current advancements in technology, the need for businesses to run functional websites has become important. That has prompted some businesses that previously did not have websites to acquire one, whereas others have been forced to modernize their out-of-date websites. 1. User Requirements When getting a website for your

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Importance of a Good Website
Techie Trends

How Can a Website Design Affect Your Business?

As you make a business venture online, this decision would often bombard you with a number of concerns. Among the things you have to think about is whether or not you should go all out for your site’s design. To set aside any confusion or uncertainty surrounding this issue, listed

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What can SEO do for your company
Techie Trends

3 Reasons Your Company in Singapore Needs SEO

Being a small business owner, you may find yourself occupied by some of the important things in your enterprise. These mainly include concerns on operations, sales, and marketing. But this should not keep you from discovering new methodologies to promote your business, especially if you have a website or you

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