• How to Keep Your UTV in Good Condition

    • razorsoft_admin
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    • 16 September 2018

    mechanic putting the battery in the UTVUsing a search and rescue UTV can be lots of fun for those who love spending time outdoors. Whether you use your vehicle for lawn care or for hunting in the wild, your UTV can accomplish just about anything. It is, therefore, only natural that you would want to keep your vehicle in peak condition for as long as possible. Here are four maintenance tips to help you do just that.

    Check oil regularly

    Before hopping into your UTV for a ride, always check your oil. It’s one of the most important yet neglected maintenance task. Without the appropriate levels of high-quality oil, you risk putting unnecessary strain on your UTV’s engine. Keeping your UTV’s oil levels right seems like a tedious chore, but it’s far easier than dealing with a locked engine.

    Mind the fuel you use

    Your UTV’s engine loves high-octane fuel, which is relatively better in quality than other types of fuel. Certainly, this type of fuel costs a bit higher than the counterparts, but it’s the most effective when it comes to keeping your engine in good condition.

    Maintain proper tire pressure and tread

    A proper grip of the terrain is essential to the usefulness of all off-road vehicles. That’s why you need to check the treads of your UTV’s tires regularly. Consider retreading or replacing your tires as required. Keep your tires well inflated, too, as tires with poor pressure can hinder the stability of your car and prove dangerous.

    Load your UTV carefully for transportation

    Whenever you need to transport your UTV from place to place, make sure that you load it appropriately in a truck bed. Always use the right loading, securing, and unloading equipment to avoid flipping, crashing, or some other damage to your UTV.

    Overlooking maintenance for your UTV can result in a lot more costs in the future. Fortunately, it only takes a little bit of time and effort to avoid unnecessary repairs.