• 3 Tips to Guide You When Selecting a Car Rental Service

    • razorsoft_admin
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    • 22 August 2018

    a man handing a key to another personWhen traveling in a small group of up to 5 people, renting a car becomes a better option than using public transport. That is because you can travel at your own time and convenience. It also allows for a lot of flexibility. You can easily change the course of your journey and opt for a totally different destination.

    Compare prices

    According to RentCarManila.com, car rental companies offer different rates based on the type and capacity of the available cars. Search the internet to identify the most affordable vehicle rental service in Manila. When comparing the prices, consider the comfort of the car as well as its capacity. Do the features justify the price?

    Consider other factors such as whether the cost is inclusive of a chauffeur or not. Some companies offer the services of a chauffeur, which may or may not be included in the quotation.

    The number of passengers

    Determine the expected number of passengers when planning to rent a car. The number determines the capacity of the car you will rent. For example, it may be expensive to hire a 7-seater vehicle if the traveling group will consist of only three people. Similarly, if there will be ten people, you may need to rent a van or two 5-seater vehicles to accommodate the number.

    Insurance coverage

    An insurance cover protects clients in the event of an accident. There are car-hire companies that provide an option for clients to purchase their insurance covers. Where there is such an offer in place, always be sure to purchase it. Covering the extra cost may be cheaper than covering the repair costs in the event that you are involved in an accident.


    When planning to purchase a car hire service, always take time and consider all the important factors. Customer reviews on the companies’ websites may give you an indication of the best companies to transact with.